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Philadelphia Fiber Enthusiasts
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This is an open community for Philadelphia based fiber enthusiasts interested in all types of textile related crafting. Here you can share tips and stories, ask questions, post sales, upcoming events, museum and gallery showings, current projects, and hopefully make some new fiber friends who share your interests (and obsessions.) Teaching (and enabling) others in a new craft is highly encouraged. No matter what kind of fiber you work with, or what you like to create, we want to see and hear about your creations.

We meet bi-monthly at the same location. The monday before the meet-up there is a message posted here that let's member's know what the food will be. purlewe's house is open from 7-9pm. For information and directions, please leave a message on that post with your email.

Pictures of your creations are encouraged, as well as appreciated - we enjoy being inspired by what our fellow fiber folks are creating. Please place any image larger than 450 pixels in any dimension, as well as images beyond the first one in a posting, behind a lj-cut tag.